Did you go outside today

Did you see the people

climbing one another

their fingers twisted

and tangled in

each other’s hair

Did you think to yourself

how long can this continue

Did you know the answer

was forever

Did you stay alive anyway

Did you dig through piles

of dead grass and bone

to find a kind word

Did you let the storm

roar through your insides

and dissipate over the lake

Did you use a glance

to silently say hello to

every beautiful queer

floating through

this violent world

Did you force yourself to believe

in god or good energy

just to swallow the air here

Did you know you are

full of grace

and selfless glowing

Did you feel your strength

rumbling below the surface

Did you know

you have so much strength

you could take out

a neighborhood

a city

a nation

a planet

Did you know we give

each other strength

with every single breath

Did you go outside today

and breathe

[poem by J. Jennifer Espinoza]

3:17 min video - personal videos, digitized family videos, found footage, major film clips, some clips and sounds stolen from Jack Arbaugh - 2018